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Edited by Thomas Arbenz, 2012
Cave Pearls of Meghalaya
Vol. 1 : Pala Range and Kopili Valley

Hardbound, English, 265 pages & CD, numerous cave maps & color photos.

An Abode of the Clouds Projects

35.– Euro


Overview of Pala Range

Geology of Kopili Area

Expedition Reports: 2010, 2011, 2012

Subterranean Ecology

Discovery & Biology

Bat survey in Jaintia Hills

Big Caves: Tyngheng, Krem Labit Kseh, Krem Man Krem, Krem Shalong, Krem Labit Mynlin, Krem Khung

Smaller caves

Caves of Lymmoh Canyon

Assam Caves

Minor Caves

Sites of speleological interest

Beautiful book with numerous maps, tables and color photos. Wonderful overview of the caves of this region in North East India.