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International Caver
The International Caver Magazine

Format A4, ca. 44 pages / No .
12 numéros/volumes

volumes 2, 11 out of print/épuisé

We have only a few copies left: Volumes 1, 6, 12 14-24

Ab 4 Hefte/à partir de 4 numéros: 5.- €
Schnellhefter, der ca. 12 Hefte fasst.: 13.- €

Caving Magazine in English, no longer available from the publisher, but we still have some issues!
Cover and middle pages in color,
Format A4, circa 44 pages per issue
Price per issue: 7.- €
Collection binder: 13.- €

The International Caver Magazine le magazine du spéléo en langue anglaise. Il est maintenant épuisé chez l'éditeur, mais toujours disponible chez nous.

Pages de titre et du milieu en couleur.
Prix par numéro: 7.- €
Reliure de collection: 13.- €


Das Höhlenmagazin in englischer Sprache. Die Zeitschrift hat ihr Erscheinen einge-stellt. Wir verfügen über einen Restposten.

Format: A4; ca. 44 Seiten Umfang pro Ausgabe + Umschlag; Titelblatt und Mittelseite farbig.
Preis Einzelnummer: 7.- €
Schnellhefter, der ca. 12 Hefte fasst: 13.- €

Number One, October 1991

Lebanon- Hani Abdul-Nour
Caves in the Matumbi Hills, Tanzania
Balatini magarasi : Toros daglari, S-W Turkey
Photo call : Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, S. Wales, UK
Rhar Bou’maza, Algeria
Baradla Cave, Hungary
Ravenska jama, Slovenia
The World’s Longest & Deepest Caves
Number Six, January 1993
Auyantepuy, Venezuela
Baliem River Cave, Indonesia
Caves and Cave Conservation in Brazil
Sofular and Cayirkoy, Turkey
Namoroka 1992, Madagascar
Number Twelve, 1994
Vietnam : A Caver’s Paradise
Charta Casolae Valenii
U.I.S. Interview
Cuetzalen ‚94, Mexico
World Cavers Guide & Karst Atlas. 5. Romania
Number Thirteen, 1995
In Memory of Vladimir Kisseljov
Lukina jama- Trojama, Croatia
Grotte Chauvet
AGUJ ‚94, Mongolia
China Caves ‚94 : Guangxi & Guizhou
Caving in the Phillipines
Hydro & Speleo investigations in central & western Turkey
Number Fourteen, 1995
Pivka-Rak Triangle, Slovenia
World Cavers Guide & Karst Atlas. 6. Hungary
Collecting Speleo Stickers
Cater Magara, Syria
E. A. Martel
Number Fifteen, 1995
Abode of Clouds : Maghalaya, India
Ogof Draenen, South Wales, UK
Borneo : Gunung Buda 95, Sarawak
Caving in France
Number Sixteen, 1996
Caves of Matumbi Hills, Tanzania
Prehistoric art of Kapova Cave, Russia
Cave Fauna of Malaysia
The forest of Dean, UK
A caving reconnaissance to Vietnam & Laos
Tequila ‚95, Mexico
Number Seventeen, 1996
Subterranean Cappadocia, Turkey
Bohemia Cave, New Zealand
Muruk, Papua New Guinea
Vandima, Slovenia
First Look – Cambodia 1996
Number Eighteen, 1996
Lebanon, Houet Qattine Azar
Cave Reconnaissance in East Sulawesi, Indonesia
Gouffre de Padirac
Tham Jowlarm, Thailand
Cave Art in the „Blue Caves“ of Western Mongolia
Expedition Phillipines 1995
Number Nineteen, 1997
Proyecto Espeleologico Purificacion, Mexico
Cao Bang ‚95, Vietnam
Bats & Caves
Speleo Statistics 1997
Sichuan ‚95 : Huaying Area, China
Number Twenty, 1997
Complesso Sotterraneo di Codula Ilune, Sardinia, Italy
Vietnam ‚97
Potoo Hole, Portland Ridge, Jamaica
Slovacka jama, Croatia
Mulu ‚96, Sarawak, Malaysia
Number Twenty-One, 1997
Magharet El Kassarat, Lebanon
History of exploration & study of caves in Poland to 1900
Thailand 1997- National parks of Salaeng Luang, Thung Saliam & Sri Nakarind
Totes Gebirge, Austria
Dos Aguas Expedition 1997, Mexico
Number Twenty-Two, 1998
Abode of the Clouds Part II, Meghalaya, India
Cave fauna : the Cave Racer
Gruta do Centenario, Brazil
A caving reconnnaissance to Central Laos
Caving in North-West Thailand
Number Twenty-Three, 1998
China Caves ‚97
The karst and caves of the Fränkische Alb, Germany
International Caver Index Nos. 1 – 20
Caving in Oman : Dhofar ‚97 Expedition
A note on early cave exploration in Laos
Sima Chupacable, Mexico
The Superlong Tyrolean
Number Twenty-Four, 1999
Goa Hatu Saka, Seram, Indonesia
Altforscherschacht, Steinernes Meer, Austria
Mozambique 1998
Chiehruphi System, Meghalaya, India
Egypt ... a future prospect for cave exploration