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A film from Juergen Fodor with support of the Pfulligen Caving Club (HFGP), 2008
The Brunnenstein Cave, DVD

Language: English (narration & subtitles) and German (dialogue), 45 minuten, PAL.



15.– Euro



More than 1000 metres long, the Brunnenstein Cave is situated not far from the famous Lichtenstein Castle and is regarded among cavers as being very dangerous because of its mazelike structure, unpredictable flow conditions and extreme squeezes. A team from the Pfullingen Caving Club (Hoehlenforschungsgruppe Pfullingen- HFGP) succeeded in filming the cave up to the end of the main passage.

Due to its high demands, the Brunnenstein Cave will very likely remain reserved for the most experienced speleologists only. Now for the first time this film gives the general public the opportunity to enjoy the cave's unique wealth of formations and flowstone features.

Featured in the film ar the Periodic Lakes and the Bat Lakes of the entrance area, Old Promenade, Green Lake, Appel's Squeeze and King's Chamber in the middle section of the cave, as well as Lichtenstein Cleft, Crater Plain, Bonebreaker's Squeeze and New Promenade, which is the current known limit of the cave.